Ever tried American candy? Neither had I.

Ever tried American candy whilst dipping it in a homemade nasty sauce concoction as part of a Would you rather food challenge? I did in my latest video. It was preeettty gross. (Not going to lie, I didn’t appreciate the American candy without the sauce either, it was too sweet for me.)

would you rather food challenge 2 would you rather food challenge 2

It was actually my idea to create the sauce, my friend was fine just by eating candy haha, (sorry Dimash). It paid off though because during the would you rather food challenge he had to eat it twice and me only once! (Go Team Jess! haha).

For your own would you rather food challenge,  you can make your own nasty sauce following this recipe:

1 dollop of cranberry sauce

1 blob of tartare sauce

1 big splash of Soy sauce

BONUS: Adding pea soup 😉 

The questions for the would you rather food challenge can be found on Either.

Some questions are more fun than others, some are tough whilst others are pretty boring, like ‘Pepsi or Coke?’. Alternatively you can create your own questions but the fun part of using this for your would you rather food challenge is that you try to guess what other people answered.

In addition, check out Buzzfeed’s 17 “Would You Rather” Questions That Are Impossible To Answer for fun. An example is Would you rather, A) Smell like poop and not know it OR B) Constantly be smelling poop that no one can smell. Pretty tough question haha. With regret I think I would have to choose A.  D:

Really tough question Really tough question

Let me know if you guys make a would you rather food challenge video, I would love to see them! (Also let me know if you enjoyed this would you rather food challenge, I might do some more!) Alternatively if there are any other nasty sauce recipes, comment down below too. Until the next video guys! 🙂

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