Why revision is fun in Valencia

Revision is fun in Valencia

Admittedly I am not the best person when it comes to revision. What seemed like a great spontaneous decision to start a new drama right in the middle of exam season, revealed itself later as

lazy procrastination in disguise

. Or worse yet you were ‘revising’ on your bed and wake up 3 hours later due to hunger pangs and decide it’s time to eat.

The procrastination list goes on, and on


Having almost too much fun revising Having almost too much fun revising

But Erasmus year doesn´t count?

Whilst it isn’t heavily weighted, do bear in mind that you still need to pass.Besides the partying, let’s not forget that you also have to study or at least scrape a pass because despite what you think, the Erasmus year still does count.

Believe it or not, revision can be fun in Valencia.

First of all you’re in a completely foreign country and if anything it’s a perfect opportunity to explore all the cafés around the city.

I’ve put together a list of study spots for you to consider for your fun day trips along with a WIFI rating, minimum spending (for those of you that think going out to study will break the bank, you can spend as little as 50 cents)

, the sweet and sour parts and of course any fun tourist spots located nearby. They are also all located in Valencia city and are easy to get to.

(I recommend that you stick to Valencia – trekking to Madrid just to revise isn’t unacceptable unfortunately and is otherwise called extreme procrastination).

Let’s get started.


starbucks open late starbucks open late

The world’s favourite commercial coffee shop.

> Why it’ll make a fun day trip:   If you opt for the Gran Marques del Turia Starbucks, it’s a stone’s throw away from Mercado Colon, an impressive market building with shops and cafes and Calle Colon, the go to place for high street shopping – perfect for shopping therapy during stressful exam times. For the Carrer de Sant Vicent Martir one, it is perfect if you want to explore the cathedral and Plaza de Ayuntamiento which is close by.

> Minimum spending: 99 cents for biscotti biscuit

> Wifi connection: 4/5. Depends on how many people are connected to the wifi and can lag at times but overall good.   3/5 Internet can lag a lot and is lagging now as I am trying to refresh my web pages for the 3rd time.


> Closes late, at 11pm. You won’t find another coffee shop in Valencia open this late.

> Has quite a few plugs.


> Only 2 main Starbucks in central Valencia. Gran Marques del Turia and Carrer de Sant Vicent Màrtir.

> Expensive. If you’re staying there for more than 3 hours, you’ll probably end up topping up on drink or food and end up spending a small fortune.

🍉 SweetSour rating: 3.5/5🍊

University of Valencia libraries

univalencia univalencia

The obvious place to study.

> Why it’ll make a fun day trip : I would recommend the libraries on the Tarongers Campus over the Blasco Ibanez and Burjassot campus as it’s only a 10 minute tram ride away from the beach. After revising, why not reward yourself with some sun and sand?

> Minimum spending: It’s free!

> WIFI rating: 2.5/5, weak connection


> Some open 24 hrs during exam time

> No shortage of plugs

> Access to study material.

> Cafeteria nearby that’s cheap and serves good grub. Nice to walk to cafeteria for a break and stretch your legs.


> Popular choice, so can get very packed. Go early to grab a seat.

🍉 SweetSour rating: 3/5.🍊

Pan Pan

panpan panpan

Cheaper alternative to Panaria.

> Why it’ll make a fun day trip: There are several Pan Pan’s dotted around Valencia including ones centrally located near the cathedral, Mercado Colon, Plaza de Ayuntamiento but also in Turia Gardens and Jardines del Real in Benimaclet which are ideal for taking a break in the gardens to soak up some fresh air and detoxing that digital brain. For science enthusiasts out there, Jardines del Real features a Science Museum.

>Minimum spending: Mini croissant for 30 cents.

>Wifi rating: 4/5



Good food. Sometimes I just go there for the almond croissants that no where else does.


Reasonable amount of plugs, more than Panaria but not in abundance.


> Not as widely available as Panaria.

> Closes at 9pm

🍉 SweetSour rating: 4/5🍊


Spain’s chain coffee shop.

> Why it’ll make a fun day trip : Other than the locations already listed, there’s many Panarias dotted outside of the city centre so if you’re feeling more adventurous, I recommend going to the Panaria near the Cuidad de Artes y Ciencias, the one in Ruzafa and Benimaclet to explore more of Valencia and to make your day trip worthwhile.

>Minimum spending: Mini croissant for 30 cents.

> Wifi connection: Great. 4/5

Revision is impossible without a dose of caffeine to kick start your brain! Revision is impossible without a dose of caffeine to kick start your brain!


> Open on Sundays – not many other places are!

> Available in many locations throughout Valencia.


> Limited plugs. The Panaria on Ramon Llull only has one plug available.

> Closes at 9pm

🍉SweetSour rating: 3.5/5 🍊

Personally I like going to Pan Pan as the wifi connection is amongst the best (the most important thing when it comes to revision procrastination arguably) along with Panaria aswell as having the best value food. However in terms of day trip potential, I’d have to say that due to the numerous locations such as being near Ciudad de Artes y Ciencias, Ruzafa, Benimaclet, beach (tram ride away) and various landmarks in the city centre, Panaria is the best cafe to opt for.

yummycafefood yummycafefood

Food at Panaria

However I wouldn’t recommend sticking to one place. It’s a good idea to switch up cafe locations too for a change of scenery to help reignite inspiration and creativity. (Café revision crawls could be the next thing?)Sometimes a change of location can work wonders for your ideas and revision. Or even popping to the loo. Never underestimate the power of toilet trips – okay too much information. Either way, don’t think of revision as your arch enemy but think of it as a chance to get out of the house. The same applies to those outside of Valencia too, so no excuses!

Where do you like to revise in Valencia? Do you go on your own café revision crawls?

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