we missed the flight


There’s a first time for everything they say.

Well that’s most certainly true in my case as last week we missed the flight to Amsterdam. Devastating at first, but what I didn’t expect was it to be exhilarating to adapt to a spontaneous plan. Part of me is actually glad we missed the flight, as bad as that sounds. Well if it wasn’t for the £129 we had to pay to purchase a new ticket, I might be missing flights on a regular.

What I didn’t know was that this would change my perspective on what it means to travel and have an adventure.


As we missed the flight at 07:30am we decided to kill time by hopping on a train to Manchester to explore around since our next flight was at 13:40pm, of which we were certain we weren’t going to miss! However we almost did – I’ll explain later. Whilst we didn’t get up to anything tremendously exciting other than eating and window shopping (it was a Sunday and shops weren’t open until 12pm!), it was as fun as it gets if you consider this was part of a unplanned plan.

The point is, whilst I love to plan when travelling (if you know me, I plan lots and lots), sometimes it’s just simply way more exciting just going with the flow. Even though Manchester is not the next Tokyo or Cape Town, spontaneity just adds a dimension of adventure and enjoyment when visiting Manchester.


I said I’m glad we missed the flight but I think what I mean to express is that you can decide on spontaneous trips to explore what your local area has to offer. Instead of planning just wander around and get lost!

Discover new places, rekindle your hunger for wanderlust. You don’t have to be abroad, in Japan or Argentina to be having an adventure, something of which I previously thought.

However we can’t be spontaneous all the time. Missing flights all the time would mean that you would waste too much money! Luckily we didn’t miss our second flight, considering we missed the flight first time around.

The first time we missed the flight was due to us shopping (yes I know, typical girls, but it was for a friend’s present) and forgetting that planes and trains work differently. Gates to planes close 30 minutes before departure. Arriving 10 minutes before take off won’t cut it. Oops.



The second time we almost missed the flight was due to almost missing the train to Manchester Airport. Yeah, don’t ask why. I don’t even know myself. What I do know is that we would’ve headed to the wrong train station if it wasn’t for my friend randomly asking someone in the street for directions.

Fortunately he was also headed there and led us the way.


Our platform was the furthest away and we were cutting it fine with only 5 minutes to get there. I say led the way but what I actually mean was sprint the way. Poor guy. I felt bad for him having to work up a sweat just for us. He said he didn’t mind though.

If it hadn’t been the pressure of catching the train on time, perhaps I would’ve also enjoyed the lovely run through Manchester city, reminiscent of the 10K that I did there a few years ago.


The ironic and most annoying thing was that we managed to catch that train and in fact arrived early to the gate but we didn’t start boarding the plane until 13:40pm, the expected departure time with gates still being open. So if we had arrived at the gate 10 minutes before the departure time like we did for the first flight, we wouldn’t have missed the flight but hey, that’s life. Or maybe that’s just the difference between Easyjet and Flybe. Oh and Easyjet didn’t even call out our names for boarding even though the Easyjet staff insisted to lie that he did. Terrible customer service.

To conclude, the moral of the story is a) not to miss your flight, b) find ways to be spontaneous without missing your flight and c) choose Flybe instead of Easyjet. It may have been the first time I had missed the flight but I am sure to make it my last. (Fingers crossed)

Have you ever missed a flight? What are your experiences with airlines?

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