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birmingham travel vlog

“So what’s so special about Birmingham?” – Honestly? Not much. (You might want to think twice about coming here😂) They say you’re never a tourist of your own hometown and I would like to extend that to not just your hometown but country. Live in England and you’ll know what I mean. 

What makes traveling fascinating is the novelty of experiences, cultures and sensations when you embark on a new adventure abroad. If you’ve lived in a place for over 18 years of your life, 99% of this novelty has worn off. However in this Birmingham Travel Vlog, I try to see my hometown through the eyes of a tourist again and embark on my own Birmingham travel adventure.

In last week’s Birmingham Travel Vlog, I showed you Grand Central Station

(Luckily) Birmingham has been getting a major construction facelift over the past few years, breaking away from it’s industrial, dated past. Last week I showed you the glorious Grand Central Station and this week I’ve got something even better to show you.

It’s modern, breathtaking and cost £189m to build. It is pretty random once you find out what it is and it’s not something you’d expect to visit as a tourist but if it’s free, why not? ‘Cos who doesn’t love free stuff?

Birmingham travel vlog

Yes that is a lift. How cool is it? So cool that sadly it’s out of order 90% of the time due to its popularity I’m assuming.

Forget the Birmingham Eye, you can enjoy splendid views from the rooftop of this cool building for free! It’s even better at sunset if you can be bothered to make the effort. (I, uh obviously couldn’t sorry)

birmingham travel vlog
Enjoying the view

Find out what this awesome tourist attraction is and more in my latest Birmingham Travel Vlog here:

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