3 MORE ways to stay sweet around sour people

Hello my sweeties!

If you haven’t seen the first 4 ways to stay sweet around sour people, check it out here:

Okay once you’re done admiring my glorious pores in that video (yeah I know you guys loved the extra close up shot), let’s get rolling on the 3 more ways you can stay sweet around sour people.

Oh and if you don’t know what the heck that means, I’m on about staying positive around negative people. If you still don’t know what that means then heck, where do you live? Planet Rainbow🌈 ? Where can I sign up to live there?

(Lame) jokes aside…

1 Firstly, turn yourself into a rainbow🌈 , a bomb of energy and joy! Build up positivity within yourself, be that vessel of overflowing energy that explodes and channels even into the most negative people.

How you say?

Watch funny films, listen, dance, sing to positive songs, meditate, look at memes.


Radiate with so much positive energy that no negative person can conquer through it

sweet around sour people
A day without laughter is a day wasted!

For some positive vibes, I suggest you watch my videos, duhhhh *shameless self promotion*. My philosophy is to ‘make life sweet not sour’ and to spread the sweetness through my videos. Whether or not I do that successfully, that’s for you to decide 😉

Suggested: One of my sweet videos, Chinatown in Birmingham 

2 Secondly, I know it’s hard but imagine that these negative people are positive. Pretend they’re positive and nice people. I’m not an imaginative person but being around negative people has helped me become more imaginative… 😎

Take what they say with a pinch of salt, if not buckets full. If they say horrible things just wish them a nice day and move on with the rest of your day.

sweet around sour people
Show dem teeeeeth

No one is gonna stop you from having an awesome day my friend!

3 Lastly, to stay sweet around sour people… just hang out with sweet people. The world is full of sour people and unfortunately they will always be there.

However we can choose who we want to surround ourselves with!

You may say that it’s hard to stay sweet around sour people if the sour people are your family but if you’re not joined to them at the hip I don’t think that’s true. You can choose your family too.

Also, try and seek out like minded people. People that have the same interests as you. It’s hard I know but keep fighting, don’t give up. Don’t choose the lazy and easy route of talking to negative people when you’re bored. Keep looking and you’ll eventually find them.

You can choose your own happiness 🙂 

sweet around sour people
Celebrate how much of an awesome human being you are! Appreciate everything and expect nothing!

That’s it folks for the 3 more ways you can stay sweet around sour people. See you guys tomorrow for Takeaway Thursday’s episode at 9PM on my YouTube channel! 

It’s gonna be about that time when I applied for the Police force and got invited down to London but ciao for now!

Love Jess xxx

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