Season 2 | Travel Adventures

Season 2 | Travel Adventures 

Grab your ticket here to join the journey! 

Season 2 Travel Adventures. Heya folks! So in the previous video I announced that it was the end of Season One and the end of daily vlogging. Before jumping into Season Two, I thought it’d be nice to give you a glimpse of what to expect from Season 2 Travel Adventures in this teaser/trailer type video. 

season 2 travel adventures

Ready for the journey?

Joke, we ain’t going anywhere that special to be flying…yet. (That’ll be Season 3). In the meantime I’ll be travelling via coach/train/bus around England, possibly venturing into the unexplored lands of Scotland,Wales and Ireland.

Suggested: Birmingham Grand Central Station

Suggested: Unexpected tourist destination

Expect rain, rain and more rain. If you’re looking for sunny travel vlogs you’re gonna have to wait until Season 3 or check out some of my Spain vlogs. So far I’ve done vlogs in Birmingham but have travel plans to Leeds, Knaresborough, Bristol, London ofc, Manchester and Edinburgh if I can survive that deadly 8 hour coach trip!

season 2 travel adventures

More importantly, what do you guys wanna see? Is there a part of UK that you’re just itching to go to, that you want me to explore? Food related suggestions are also welcome as you know I love to eat! If you have any suggestions for any future travel/food videos you know where to find me! On Twitter, Facebook or here.

Grab your ticket here to join the journey! Travel for free! 😉

Check out the teaser for Season 2 Travel Adventures here:

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