Quarter Life Crisis After Graduation

Quarter Life Crisis After Graduation

Hello. Yes, I am alive. Just ploughing through a period of doubt, negativity and uncertainty whilst living at home after graduating. If you’re going through the same, welcome to the quarter life crisis – you might be here for a while. Don’t get too comfortable though as it should only be a temporary pit stop on your journey to happiness, success and abundance.

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So what is a quarter life crisis after graduation?

For me it’s the crippling uncertainty life presents you when you finally graduate. I should be extremely thrilled and excited that I can do what I want now; now that I’ve graduated and my mom has that graduation photo of me hanging in the living room (that’s all she wanted). However, whilst I gained freedom from the education system, I simultaneously lost it by moving back into my parent’s home – say hello to curfews, food bans and insistent nagging.

I’ve lived at home for over 10 months now and have genuinely forgotten that I graduated. Heck, I’ve forgotten my age. I feel like I’m 15 again, since I’m pretty much treated like one. The feelings of teenage angst have resurfaced as has my frustration towards my parents. Cue the Avril Lavigne and Paramore songs.

quarter life crisis after graduation
I miss travelling

The situation

Currently I am in two minds. One part of me wants to follow my dream, film videos, travel the world and become financially free. The other part of me is just unsure, scared and believes that my dad is right – dreams are stupid, childish and unrealistic. What to do?(Ottoke?)

So far I’ve got a part time job and I’m currently saving up to pay off my overdraft. Ideally I’d move out but financially speaking, that ain’t happening. It wouldn’t be worth it anyway since 1 months rent in UK could be used for 2 months rent elsewhere in Thailand.

Once I’ve saved enough money to travel, I’m moving out without a doubt but in the meantime I feel trapped being at home.

Unlike last time when I felt disconnected, this time I feel torn between my lazy self and my productive self. My reactive self and my proactive self. It’s all too easy just to believe the negative opinions and doubt of others, absorb them and just to give up. That’s what I’ve been experiencing lately.

That’s my quarter life crisis. It’s why I haven’t uploaded in a while, sorry. I didn’t feel like I have the strength or energy to create something good and of value.

It’s not the first time I’ve been in a rut

Moving forward

It’s time to stop blaming my environment and to be proactive about life. It’s time to take control and responsibility of my life. I have to remember that no one has permission to affect my mood and happiness unless I allow them to. I’m in charge of my own life, no one else 🙂

Haters are always gonna hate. There are always gonna be sour people but you’ve just gotta let them be and ignore them. If you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself turning sour not sweet, which is what was happening to me recently. I need to accept that not everyone is gonna understand me or agree with me but that’s ok. I know what I’m gonna do and accomplish and that’s all that matters – the fact that I believe in myself.

Step by step, I’m slowly getting back into my morning routine again by practising yoga, meditating, reading and journalling. Starting my day off productively really helps to set myself up for an awesome day and yes that includes waking up early. I woke up at 5am and hated myself for like 5 minutes (for doing this to myself) but after that, it was amazing 😀 I feel full of purpose in life and plus the house is really quiet too.

For practical tips on how to get out of a rut, go here.

So that's my quarter life crisis after graduation, what's yours?

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