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This All A Bao Creativity episode is all about origami fun. Origami is fun they say or so it is meant to be.

Origami Fun Part 1

To start off, I attempt to have some origami fun by following instructions from this website. However instead of being fun, it ends up being an origami nightmare.

I end up with these two pieces of folded paper.

origami fun

Can you guess what they’re meant to be?

Yes, I did follow the instructions on the website… or so I thought. I might have kind of cheated with the second origami though (shhh). Watch to find out what I did:

Warning: This video may be very offensive to passionate origami enthusiasts or for anyone that likes to fold paper for fun

Origami Fun Part 2

I don’t like following instructions and usually wing it most of the time. Hence why I’m not best suited to origami. You can’t really improvise as such. It either looks like the original or it looks like neat trash. In part 2 of this origami fun, instead of following instructions myself, I try to give you guys instructions on how to make origami.

After all it’s so much easier when there’s someone talking you through it, rather than the frustrating diagrams.

All you’re gonna need is a sheet of A4 paper.

Origami Fun Part 3

For the last part, I challenge myself to make something random and creative. It’s my way of improvising and being spontaneous you like, adding fun to something, making origami fun more fun ha.

origami fun

My improvised origami turns out way better than the ones I followed instructions for I reckon. I challenge you guys to also take a random piece of paper and fold it over and over to see what you come up with. Let me know in the comments down below what it turns out to be, if anything.

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Until next time, ciao!

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