My phobia and childhood story

My phobia and childhood story is revealed In this episode of Dimsum Diaries as I answer questions from the 365 app

Perhaps you guys don’t know about the app. the 365 app is an awesome journal app. Every day it asks you a different question. It then asks you the same question each year, so you can compare your responses and see how you’ve changed. How awesome is that?

So I answer 3 questions from this app:

What is your phobia?
When was the last time you dressed up?
When was the last time you almost gave up on something but didn’t?

My phobia

It’s called trypophobia, fear of holes and is sooooo gross. So I dare you guys to google it – EW!
Well that’s my ‘phobia’, what’s your phobia?

As for the other two questions, watch to find out my responses.

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