Mother Shipton’s Cave

Mother Shipton’s Cave

In this episode I head to England’s oldest tourist attraction, first opened in 1630. Whilst it may be old, it’s not short of visitors 385 years later. When heading to Mother Shipton’s Cave and The Petrifying Well in Knaresborough, I started to feel apprehensive as I’d heard some spooky things about it. It didn’t help that there was no one on the freakin‘ train either.

Mother Shipton's Cave
Alone on the train

I guess it’s understandable, who in their right mind would travel 135 miles to have their brain invaded by spooky thoughts? In case you’re wondering about Mother Shipton, she’s a witch and the cave I was heading to was rumoured to be her birthplace.

She’s the witch that famously prophesied the Great Fire of London, The Black Death amongst many other things. If only she was alive today, that’d be pretty cool. Anyway, when I arrived at the cave – guess what? Again there was nobody there… 

Mother Shipton's Cave
Don’t tell me you wouldn’t be scared walking                              into that alone

Watch my scaredy cat face enter this spooky cave and find out what the Petrifying Well is about. (I was clenching onto my stomach so hard when I walked into that cave haha) 

Wanna visit this place for Halloween?

Mother Shipton’s Cave is in Knaresborough, only a 1hr train away from Leeds. From the train station it’s a 7 min walk (or 15 mins if you try to navigate without Google Maps and get a bit lost.) Whilst my train ticket from Leeds cost about £10, the entry to the cave itself was just £6 so pretty affordable. 

Total cost: £16

(There was an option to buy a leaflet for £1, with more detailed information about Mother Shipton’s Cave but I didn’t get it.)

Check out the official Mother Shipton’s Cave website for more information:


Getting there 

Would you ever go to Mother Shipton’s Cave? 

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