Korean Kimchi Stew


Korean Kimchi Stew/Jigae 김치찌개

Korean food is one of my favourite cuisines with Korean kimchi stew being the ultimate comfort food for a cold,rainy day in England. Unfortunately I haven’t had kimchi jigae in a while as there’s not many authentic Korean restaurants in Leeds, so I asked my Korean friend Eunji help me make some! (Well, I say she helped me make some but she was the one that did most of the work hehe)

Watch to find out the secret ingredient we used to make it.

korean kimchi stew

Korean Kimchi Stew

Korean kimchi stew is not as hard to make as you think, it’s a pretty simple dish as we show you in this video. I’ve never made it myself before as I normally make Spanish or Chinese food at home but seeing my Korean friend Eunji make it has inspired me to do so myself as it’s definitely a doable restaurant dish at home.

Oh and for those of you that aren’t a big fan of kimchi, fear not! I’m not a massive fan of cold pickled vegetables but korean kimchi stew is different.

It’s warmy, spicy and delicious food for the soul.

If you haven’t tried it already, you definitely should! It’s so so good, I can’t recommend it enough.

However the yummy korean food feast doesn’t end at korean kimchi stew, in this vlog we also sample other Korean delights such a topokki and kimbap (korean sushi – yep sushi isn’t only Japanese).

Korean sweet foods

As for sweet foods, I also try Chocopie for the first time, one of Korea’s most popular snack. Have to say that it’s not my favourite and rather bland. Asian desserts and sweets in general tend to be more subtle and less sugary so if you guys are used to British sweets with a ton of sugar like me, you might not be a massive fan of this either.

I’m actually obsessed with korean kimchi stew right now but I also love Spanish food and Chinese food.

What’s your current food obsession right now?

Let me know in the comments down below!

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