How to vlog like Casey Neistat



Casey is such a huge inspiration, I don’t think anyone would disagree with that. Starting from nothing as a dishwasher to becoming an award winning film maker and YouTube superstar (with over a million views for each video), Casey Neistat is more than just a household name.

He’s a legend.

He has revolutionised vlogging and taken it to a whole new level. He doesn’t just vlog no, Casey Neistat story tells. If you truly want to ‘vlog like Casey Neistat’ then you need to learn how to story tell (in your own way of  course). However despite all of his successes, the most surprising thing to know was that his biggest success was also his biggest failure (heres why.)

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Inspired by Casey, Sarah’s Dietschy’s video on How To Vlog Like Casey Neistat or rather How To Casey Neistat A Vlog went viral about a month ago.

In the same inspired mood, I decided to make a video on ‘How To Vlog Like Casey Neistat’ but this time a little different. After having watched General Assembly’s live stream with Casey Neistat and Gary Vee on storytelling,I was really inspired, especially by Casey’s story and advice (sorry Gary Vee, I’ll make a video on you soon!).

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So I decided to pick out the 5 main truths and values Casey lives by which are the crucial foundation to his vlogging success and condensed the 1 hour long live stream into a 5 minute ‘How To Vlog Like Casey Neistat’ video not only to serve as a point of reference to others but also to myself.

Regardless of your age, career or background we can all learn something from Casey and definitely be inspired by his passion and drive in life, not to mention his great positive energy. It’s seriously hard not to admire this awesome guy.

Out of the 5, no. 1 was my favourite inspirational message of his.

Let me know which advice you liked the most, enjoy!


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