Common Asian Chinese Girl TAG | Dimsum Diaries Ep 6

So I decided to do the Common Asian Chinese Girl TAG just to clear the air up a bit and let people know I’m actually Chinese and not Indonesian or Somalian. Athough (some) Chinese people don’t seem to think I’m Chinese, #rejectedbymyownrace. I explain more about that in the video:

As for now, I’ve decided to extend the Common Asian Chinese Girl TAG and add some questions of my own. Feel free to contribute your thoughts to these questions down below. Okay lets go!

Do you feel more western or asian? (Lol I don’t even know if that’s phrased correctly but you know what I mean)

I think a lot of people can relate to this when I say both. I feel too western when I’m around Chinese people and cringe hard at times *strikes the typical asian pose*.

At the same time with western friends I feel like I’m too Chinese, in the sense of my values or beliefs.

Ironically I can feel like I can relate more to people of other ethnic backgrounds, Spanish, Indian and Pakistani mainly as opposed to White or Chinese.

I like to say I am British born with Chinese roots and an international identity.

What’s the best part about being overseas Chinese?  

The best part is being multilingual I guess. I mean my canto is pretty dire but I am TVB fluent which does count for something so 😉

common asian chinese girl tag

What’s the worst part about being overseas Chinese?  

The worst part is that never ending battle with the parents who will never understand you. They were brought up in Hong Kong and even though they moved over here when they were young, they have stayed within their Chinese social circles and not properly ventured out or integrated into British society.

Either way, they don’t understand how I have a different mindset having grown up in England and expect me to be just like them. It’s shocking to think that they don’t really like if I date outside my own race.

common asian chinese girl tag
and they also hate how I have short hair too

What was it like growing up as an overseas Chinese?   

It was fine to be honest. I think I live in a good area so I haven’t experienced much racism. Just the occasional ‘ni hao or konnichiwa’ cat calling. Happened last week actually, in Chinatown. I just stuck my middle finger up at him and he laughed. Idiot.

common asian chinese girl tag
People say I look more Chinese with my short hair

Other than that, I normally just ignore people but there is an exception. I remember one time I got really pissed off (teenage hormones) at this boy who mockingly said to me ‘konnichiwa’ at my local convenience store. I took this as an invitation to a war on behalf of all Chinese people that aren’t Japanese, and started on him.


He didn’t really know what to say but the thought of his existence continued to piss me off throughout the night. Silly anger I know. My dad later told me not to answer back to people since I am a young female girl living in a dangerous world with the risk of attracting the wrong people to stalk me home if I did that.

Nowadays I’m the opposite though, I’m way too calm haha. I should be more angry when guys do weird things, like that pervert in my last Hong Kong video. Eurgh he was such a disgusting knobbly nosed rank ass.

Anyway another thing about growing up as an overseas Chinese is having something what I call a Chinese inferiority complex.

I’ll talk about it in more depth in another blog post and video but essentially I always felt ugly…’cos I had a big nose and didn’t fit the Western standards of beauty. Nose pegs anyone???

common asian chinese girl tag

I remember someone once saying that I was pretty and I just automatically replied ‘but I’m Chinese’.

I had been told I was ugly when I was younger too, so that didn’t help.

Either way now that I’m older I’ve learnt to embrace, accept and love myself unconditionally, big nose or not hehe

What about you guys? What are your experiences of growing up as an overseas Chinese?

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