a coach journey | travel vlog

a coach journey | travel vlog

Oh the joys of coach journeys. It’s a love hate thing. Great to catch up some sleep on but it can be also painfully long and uncomfortable. How do you normally travel? Could you bear to sit on a coach for 3.5 hours? The longest coach journey I’ve been on was actually over 48 hours so this is minor in comparison, ha. In this coach journey travel vlog, I take you along with me to travel over 100 miles.

coach journey travel vlog
It wasn’t an overnight ride but I travelled through the night. Don’t you just love night rides?

My coach journey wasn’t as bad as I initially thought and it was pretty nice to see the night views of Manchester. Night travel is the best I think, a lot more relaxing than travelling in the day. However 3 hours earlier, I left something at home, starting off my journey to a bad start. Uh oh. 

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coach journey travel vlog
it’s fine, i got over it

Nonetheless the day went ahead and a day later as I’m writing this, I am still alive and survived ha. I blame it on my hair, yes my hair. My hair took so long to do (don’t be fooled, it’s SO high maintenance compared to long hair). So, I ended up having to peg it out of the door. Does anyone else have this problem? 


Ironically, in the morning I was running out of time but later on in the day it was the opposite. 3.5 hours on a coach journey is a lot of time. That’s enough time to watch the Pen Pineapple Apple Pen video 210 times, (if extreme boredom strikes, you probably would). However if that’s not your ‘style’, then what can you do? In an ideal world, we’d all just doze off and wake up to arrive at our destination. Unfortunately, in reality, coach seats are as hard as brick, so I managed to keep myself entertained by listening to The Enquiry .Then when my brain was tired from the information stuffing, my body gave in and I slept like a baby – until the coach jolted and woke me up 5 minutes later.

Discover the full delights of coach journeys and ride the full 100 miles with me in the full coach journey travel vlog here:

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