Chinese Takeaway in Leeds : Double Dragon Review


Chinese Takeaway in Leeds: Double Dragon Review

For those of you that have followed me on snapchat (sweetandsouradv), you’ll know that earlier today I completed 3 essays so I decided to celebrate this mini victory (any excuse to get a takeaway) by treating myself to a scrumptious Chinese takeaway in Leeds. Sometimes I like to get a good old Indian curry but this time I stuck with Chinese.

I have to admit, that when it comes to Chinese takeaways I am pretty much a snob, since my parents used to own a Chinese takeaway and I know what good sweet and sour chicken balls taste like (can’t fool me Fortune Cookie).

With that in mind I decided to order from Double Dragon, a Chinese takeaway in Leeds that is known for its authenticity and quality of food.  Here’s what I got.

chinese takeaway in leeds.001



chinese takeaway in leeds

Sweet and Sour Rating: 7/10

If you’re feeling super adventurous Double Dragon also serves up fried pig intestines 😉

You might not have heard of this dish before which is what I love about Double Dragon as it is a Chinese takeaway that serves up authentic homemade food like this. It reminds me of the Chinese restaurant food I had in Spain rather than takeaway grub .

This dish is just heavenly if done right. Slow cooked braised pork stewed with potatoes and vegetables, the perfect homemade comfort food!

The only complaint I would make is that there was a lot of fat on the pork but other than that I’d recommend that you’d try it out too next time you order.


chinese takeaway in leeds 1

Sweet and Sour Rating: 5.5/10

This is one of my favourite dishes to order at a Chinese takeaway in Leeds and naturally I had high expectations.   

Unfortunately this dish didn’t meet my expectations. It was more like salt chicken wings and chips due to the lack of pepper, there were hardly any onions (need to get in my 5 a day) and the chips tasted soggy, not recently fried.

On the plus side, the chicken wings were nice and crunchy, which ultimately saved the dish. However I wouldn’t cross off ordering this from the menu as it was pretty good but for Double Dragon I expected higher standards.



  • PORK BELLY: £6.90.
  • CHICKEN WINGS:£5.40.
  • CARD CHARGE: £0.50

TOTAL: £13.80

SWEET. Total came to £13.80 which is pretty decent seeing as both dishes came with rice and chips, so this nosh will last me for a few dinners.

Minimum delivery is only £6 so if you fancy just getting the pork belly, you can.

Wasn’t able to find any voucher codes for Just Eat but let me know if you know of any.


Food was delivered 15 minutes early and delivery driver dropped the food off right on my doorstep so I didn’t have to walk up to the car which I was pleased about 😀

Ha, you can just tell how lazy I am.

Well I was having a rest day after banging out 3 essays in a 3 days.

Student life = essays + takeaway.

 📓 📕 📗 + 🍕 🍜 🍲

If you want a Chinese takeaway in Leeds I do highly recommend Double Dragon due to it’s authentic Chinese food and great delivery service, being one of the best Chinese takeaways in Leeds. The salt and pepper wings weren’t bad, just not up to my standards.

Have any of you treated yourself to a takeaway recently? What for? Let me know in the comments down below!

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