It’s that time of the year again, Chinese New Year! Or if you’re not Chinese, almost a month has past since you’ve made your New Year’s Resolutions in January. Fear not, for you can pretend you’re Chinese and use this as an excuse to have a go at 2017 again 😉  As you can tell I’ve been stuck in another rut once again, like another one of those that I got stuck in back in Leeds and Hong Kong #2017Round2

Watch the video to find out what one of my Chinese New Year Resolutions are!   It’s one of the things I really need to change about myself, maybe you guys can relate: 

How I am going to change myself

In the video I talk about how I overthink a lot and it’s hard for me to just do things without thinking. You may be saying ‘Jess it’s simple, JUST DO IT’ like Shia Labeouf and yes why it may seem a simple enough Chinese New Years Resolution, it kinda isn’t. You see first I need to reboot my brain if you like and restart it, which involves doing several things (for those who are too lazy to read, just read the pink):

1.Brain vomit onto a piece of paper. Often. Your mind can only hold so much information before it becomes too cluttered. You know how your room is just constantly a pile of mess and stuff just gets thrown into it every day? Until you can no longer see the floor. 

Well your brain is kinda similar and needs a deep spring clean in order to function properly. Like a serious deep clean, not just hiding clothes under the bed! 😛 Out with the old and in with the new for these Chinese New Year Resolutions!

Write down all the things you need to do, everything that’s causing you stress, worry – everything. (Optional part of the Chinese New Years Resolution: burn the paper at the end) In the video I mention how I was so stressed I couldn’t enjoy or do anything properly but writing down everything helps 🙂 

Heck you could even take the brain vomit a step further and write down all your negative thoughts about yourself and burn them forever, muhaha 😀 

Chinese New Years Resolutions

2. Release stress. Like completely release. This means 100% focusing on releasing stress with no distractions ‘cos I mean yes watching YouTube can be a great leisure activity as can watching TV. 

However if you’re checking your phone half of the time, is it true relaxation? And no, checking your instagram feed doesn’t count! So as a way of completing my Chinese New Year’s resolution, I find that doing exercise helps the most. Running on the treadmill especially. It has to be vigorous exercise as my mind often wanders during yoga.

If I run around the park I get really lazy and go way slow but if a treadmill is forcing me to run, I won’t stop. Plus there’s instant reward as the amount of calories burnt and distance is displayed, which keeps me motivated to keep going. #superlazy 

By destressing myself, I can have a clear and focused mind about what I want to do next and work towards my Chinese New Years Resolution, rather than just overthinking myself to death and feeling hopeless, wanting to avoid doing anything in life. 

Angus & Julia Stone are also great for destressing :p

3. Have some structure in my life. This part of the Chinese New Years Resolution involves waking up at the same time (ha,fat chance) or ideally getting a job. It’s easier said than done because jobs are so hard to get nowadays.

Every job rejection just pushes you deeper into that downward spiral of black emptiness that hovers over you like a black looming cloud, growing as each day passes by until it implodes.

So what’s the solution?

Well try and structure your day by meeting friends or even booking a doctor’s appointment but only if you need to see the doctor haha. Like for my video about being homeless in Hong Kong, I managed to publish that video on time for #TakeawayThursday as I had a doctor’s appointment in the early afternoon on that Thursday. If not, I might have just left it until Thursday night, felt lazy and left it to Friday etc.

Thank you doctor’s appointment for helping me publish this video on time :’)

The point is, without time pressure it’s hard to do anything. If you’re a YouTuber/unemployed/freelancer/whatever then time is left to you to manage. Yeah the lie ins are great but when your whole like feels like one blur, then it’s hard to remember which day it is and essentially what your purpose and goals are. 

So there you have it, 3 things I’m going to do to help me achieve my Chinese New Years Resolution so I can think less and do more! Got any other tips to add for clearing your mind and focusing on goals for 2017? 


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