Chinatown Birmingham

Chinatown Birmingham

In this episode, I head to Chinatown to satisfy my food cravings. Unfortunately my favourite restaurant Topokki was packed so I decided to risk it and try something new. It would be a decision that I’d later regret. 

chinatown birmingham
munching on my dessert

Min Min Noodle Bar, Chinatown Birmingham

What I ordered: Chicken Tom Yum Noodle Soup

The Sweet: Soup was nice and spicy, good portion size

The Sour: Vermicelli was too thick for my liking, not much chicken and there were some random Chinese vegetables plus tomato that I wouldn’t normally welcome in a tom yum soup. It was more like a Chinese version of tom yum rather than an authentic Thai one but hey I guess that’s standard for a Chinese restaurant. 

Sweet and Sour Rating: 3/5


Suggested: Homemade Korean Kimchi Stew

Caffe Chino, Chinatown Birmingham

What I ordered: Pineapple Bun

The Sweet: Sweet, big size, nice and puffy

The Sour: Not much topping, a bit burnt and a bit dry. Not ‘moist dry’ but dry dry. 

Sweet and Sour Rating: 3/5


Suggested: Chinese Takeaway in Leeds

Happy Lemon, Chinatown Birmingham

What I ordered: Taro Milk Tea

The Sweet: Not as artificially sweet like normal taro milk teas and wasn’t artificially coloured.

The Sour: Aftertaste was a bit powdery, wasn’t that hot even though we ordered a hot one.

Sweet and Sour Rating: 3/5


Where do you like to eat in Chinatown Birmingham?

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