Birmingham Grand Central Station

Birmingham Grand Central Station

To kick season 2’s travel adventures off, I introduce you to Birmingham Grand Central Station. It’s not any old train station, it’s a massive complex with so a plethora of things to do whilst you wait for your train (including eating). Looks like that train delay ain’t gonna be so bad after all. 

Average at best. Better to wait until your next trip to Spain

Random facts about Birmingham Grand Central Station:

  • Its concourse is 5 X the size of London Euston’s
  • Outside of London, it’s the UK’s busiest train station
  • The shopping centre cost £150m to build
You can’t not be impressed with this place

You might recognise this place as it was where I filmed my ‘Follow me to Birmingham’ vlog for Sweet and Sour Sunday quite a few weeks ago now (back when I had a cast). This time I decided to revisit the train station and show you around more ‘in depth’ in this mini travel vlog episode.

birmingham grand central station

If you missed my ‘Follow me to Birmingham’ vlog, check it out here

Grand Central Station is part of Birmingham’s recent makeover, along with Birmingham library which I explore in another episode. Going a bit off track here but the library cost £189m to build and is definitely worth checking out. Yes I know it is a library but it is more like a shopping centre/museum/art gallery, trust me!

More Birmingham: Birmingham Library Vlog

Anyway if you are coming to Birmingham, come by train to experience this amazing place. See what I’m talking about here:

Have you ever been to Birmingham before? Would you like to come?

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