April Monthly Favourites



april monthly favourites

April Monthly Favourites

This April monthly favourites video has a motivational theme to it as I share with you guys what has kept me out of the rut and motivated throughout the month. I’ve been trying hard this month to improve myself, become more productive and to make things happen.

How do you stay motivated Jess?

Maintaining motivation and being productive is a real struggle for me – I am serial procrastinator, basically a lazy human sloth. (If you’ve seen my stuck in the rut video, you’ll know). However I’ve tried hard in the month of April to fight my inner laziness by researching online for tips and advice. There are many that I found that I have not mentioned in this video but these are the 5 main things that have helped me stay on track this month.

Hopefully these April monthly favourites will be useful to you!

What are some of your favourites this month?

My favourites for the month of April include Gary Vee and an amazing TED talk which changed my life (no.4). If you’ve seen Gary Vee, you’ll agree that he’s an amazing speaker that is so motivating as he just tells sh*t as it is. If you need a kick up your arse, start here. There’s no one else that will tell you it like Gary Vee does!

As for the TED talk, it introduced a habit that has permanently changed my outlook on my life and goals, helping me to stay motivated more than ever. Implement the habit and let me know if it worked for you!

As for the other favourites, watch my April monthly favourites to find out the rest. They worked for me (I’m super lazy) so hopefully they should do the job for you.

What has motivated you this month? Share your tips in the comments down below! 🙂

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