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Origami Fun | All A Bao Creativity

Origami Fun | All A Bao Creativity

This All A Bao Creativity episode is all about origami fun. Origami is fun they say or so it is meant to be. Origami Fun Part 1 To start off, I attempt to have some origami fun by following instructions from this website. However instead […]

Rice Cooker Banana Bread | Miso Hungry

Rice Cooker Banana Bread | Miso Hungry

In this blog post I try to cook a rice cooker banana bread recipe. I say ‘try’ because as with everything in life, things don’t go to plan. However I persevere and manage to cook something half decent, thanks to my amazing cooking skills and […]

Police Now Graduate Scheme | The surprising reason why I applied

Police Now Graduate Scheme | The surprising reason why I applied

Applying to the Police Now Graduate Scheme was something that I didn’t expect to do, hence why I applied a day before the deadline but something happened with a friend of mine that inspired me to become a policewoman.

I mean yes I had considered policing before because if you know me, I love having to deal with unexpected situations or disaster crises, such as the time when I ended up homeless in Hong Kong which was actually really fun. In short, I love to problem solve and policing is a lot of that.I’ve volunteered a lot in the past and policing is like volunteering, except you get paid. Also, policing involves helping others and the community, which is something that fulfils my innate desire to be part of a wider community and serve others.

What happened to my friend a few days before the Police Now Graduate Scheme deadline just confirmed that innate desire.

It brought out the Sherlock Holmes in me as well as an immense passion for helping others and restoring justice in the community.

For some people, this may not be a big deal but it was to me. Ironically, it was more of a big deal to me than my friend, who it happened to. He just gave up. As for me, it was an invitation to explore a world of possibilities, a new problem to solve, a new unknown to discover.

It got me excited.

I began my own mini investigation, racking my brain, deconstructing the crime scene, drawing up possible suspects, analysing the situation over and over again.

I posted on a local Birmingham community page, asking for more information, posting the time and whereabouts of the crime that happened to my friend.

I sat patiently behind my laptop, hoping and anticipating for a new lead. My friend had already given up and told me that it would all be in vain – he was wrong.

Whether I’m an optimistic person or someone who had too much time on their hands, the perseverance paid off.

Wait Jess so what actually happened? My friend’s motorbike got stolen but it became much more than that. 

police now graduate scheme
What I posted to raise awareness on social media

Someone anonymously gave a tip to the page, including the suspects’ address. The page forwarded me all of this information.

The anonymous tipper said they had seen a similar motorbike to my friend’s (that I posted on the page). It was around 4 miles from where my friend kept his bike, so not too far.

Getting more excited by the minute, I vigorously searched the address, to find some news articles on a violent gang living around that area. No wonder why the woman remained anonymous.  

I tried again to find specific names of the people that lived there but to no avail. If only I had the resources and was a policewoman I thought to myself.

Soon after, the Police emailed me, expressing their thanks in raising awareness on the stolen bike, which led to the anonymous person coming forward. They advised us to not visit the address personally but to wait for the police to detain it.

Too late.

Our luck ran out though because the bike was nowhere to be seen. Just as my friend was inspecting the garage door of the suspect’s house, a man in the house next door caught him, shouting from the window ‘oi what you doing, I’m calling the Police’. That was the cue to leave.

So we let the Police do their job.

The end result wasn’t what I expected but it definitely made me feel like I helped in some way or another.

A few days later I got an update from the Police officer. He explained to me that when the Police arrived at the suspect’s house, they successfully detained a bike. I was so happy, I had done my job! But then the Police officer elaborated that it wasn’t my friend’s bike but someone else’s that looked very similar to my friend’s. ‘Oh’ I thought.

He thanked me and that was the last time I spoke to him. David I think his name was.

Me and David parted ways but I decided to get in contact with other police officers, via the Police Now Graduate Scheme.

If this was something I was capable of doing as a mere citizen, imagine the impact I could have working in a team of police officers for the whole community? That thought encouraged me to apply to the Police Now Graduate Scheme. I was going to be a Policewoman! Or at least try.

Surprisingly, I made it to the Assessment Centre but before that I was to attend a coaching session in London.

Find out more in my latest Takeaway Thursday episode:


3 MORE ways to stay sweet around sour people

3 MORE ways to stay sweet around sour people

Hello my sweeties! If you haven’t seen the first 4 ways to stay sweet around sour people, check it out here: Okay once you’re done admiring my glorious pores in that video (yeah I know you guys loved the extra close up shot), let’s get […]

Common Asian Chinese Girl TAG | Dimsum Diaries Ep 6

Common Asian Chinese Girl TAG | Dimsum Diaries Ep 6

So I decided to do the Common Asian Chinese Girl TAG just to clear the air up a bit and let people know I’m actually Chinese and not Indonesian or Somalian. Athough (some) Chinese people don’t seem to think I’m Chinese, #rejectedbymyownrace. I explain more […]

UNEMPLOYED AFTER GRADUATION? 3 more reasons why it’s amazing to be an unemployed graduate

UNEMPLOYED AFTER GRADUATION? 3 more reasons why it’s amazing to be an unemployed graduate

UNEMPLOYED AFTER GRADUATION? 3 more reasons why it’s amazing to be an unemployed graduate

Unemployed? Nah, I prefer to be known as Chief Procrastinator at Netflix. 

Being unemployed after graduation is one of those amazing things that can happen to you in life. Heading out to the big real world all on your own with no one telling you what to do is liberating if you ask me. No deadlines, no studying what you don’t want, no rules. As a unemployed graduate of more than 6 months (yes I broke my ankle and went to Hong Kong but no one cares), I think I highly qualify to speak on this topic. 

For the first 3 reasons why it’s amazing to be an unemployed graduate, check out my vid. Stay until the end for hilarious bloopers. 

When you’ve done watching that, here are 3 more reasons why it’s amazing to be an unemployed graduate:


You are young, sexy and FREE! The world is your oyster! Okay maybe not sexy but if you’re ever gonna look attractive, it’s gonna be now… No but seriously you are in your 20s right now and it’s seriously the time to make the most out of your life.

You have your whole life in front of you, this is an exciting time guys! There’s no mortgage, no kids, no bills to pay. YOU ARE FREE. Now is the perfect time to take a year or two for yourself and explore your interests, discover yourself and do everything you wanted to do!

Always wanted to do that gap year? Then do it!

What have you got to lose? 1 year of your time? That’s nothing.

It’s something you won’t be able to do when you’re 40 with kids, got more wrinkles than a prune, drowning in a sea of bills to pay.

When you’re older you don’t wanna regret the things you never dared to do because of the fear you had, the courage you lacked and the

Trust me, we’re all scared. We all have fear. The difference is not letting it get in the way of what we wanna do. Feel the fear and do it anyway but not too much or else this will happen.

Suggested: Lotus Life Ep 1 | Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

No one puts it better than Gary Vee himself. If there’s one thing you HAVE to watch today, then it’s this (and my video too 😉 ):


Being unemployed after graduation is a much needed reality check. Life isn’t sorry that they burst your university bubble, they did it on purpose.

News flash, uni days are over mate. Chances are that you’re gonna move back home to save money (good luck with that).

It’s gonna be tough but what you need. It’s gonna be a great period for your to self reflect, grow and develop your ability to handle annoying members of the family – you’re gonna need that for the rest of your life cos family are for life unfortunately. 

Living at home is gonna create the desire for you to escape! For you to find solutions, opportunities, restart your life and FIGURE IT OUT. Or you just end up getting promoted to a Executive Chief Procrastinator at Netflix. 



No lie, being unemployed after graduation is a sour period. Life isn’t all rainbows and sunshine, it’s sweet and sour but with all things in life, you can make them sweet not sour. It’s all about perspective. See the opportunities, not the negatives.

Be grateful, not hateful. I’m rooting for you! The good thing about going through sour times is that you really appreciate the sweet times afterwards.

For many, this may be the period of your life that is the most hard hitting, it was for me anyway. To be honest, it isn’t even about being unemployed after graduation that’s the sour part, it’s living at home.


Have a dream to be a singer? Ha, fat chance. Have any dream whatsoever? That’s funny your parents say.

Parents have a dream life already planned out for you. It’s amusing because they’re like some wannabe clairvoyant, having meticulously envisioned your whole life out before you were born, before they knew you even existed.

Point is, you might drown in the whirlwind tsunami of negativity your parents hurdle at you. The key is to not give a shit and remain upbeat.

There’s only so many shits you can give and you ain’t got time to waste on what others think of you. Seriously.

Just be grateful that you’ve got no rent to pay and free food. Then just block out the rest. Get in ya zone. This is where meditation helps so much.

I recommend you meditate everyday, for 5 minutes to start with. It’s better to be consistent and start small. Rather than do 20 minutes once in a blue moon.Or if you find it hard to  I recommend guided meditations, Michael Sealey does some awesome ones.


That’s it for now! I hope this helped you in some way or another, even if it was just me getting hit by lemons in the video that made you laugh. That’s exactly my point though. If life hits you with lemons, just laugh! Okay well maybe not if your dog died, actually that could be funny in a really sick, twisted way. Just remember that life is gonna hit you, just gotta roll with the hits, brush them off and let no one stop you!

Turn that sweet into sour, I’m rooting for you!

Let me know in the comments below if you have any more reasons to add on why it’s so awesome being unemployed after graduation. If you liked this blog post please share and spread the love <3  Speak soon! xxx