10 Interesting Facts About London (you don’t know about)


10 Interesting Facts about London (you don’t know about)

Love London? Here are 10 Interesting Facts about London (you don’t know about):

1. Every year Norway donates a Christmas Tree to Trafalgar Square in London to give thanks for the support Britain gave to Norway during WWII.

2. At times when the hustle and bustle of London can get too much, there is no shortage of parks as almost half of the urban city is made up of greenery! Source

3. For those contemplating on becoming a cab driver in London, future cab drivers have to take an exam that involves knowing all 25,000 streets of London like the back of your hand. Good luck with that…

4. The name Big Ben refers to bell inside, not the tower itself. Previously it was called the Clock Tower but was renamed The Elizabeth Tower in celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

5. During the Victorian Times, factories used to empty dirty water into the river in addition to the sewage that was dumped there. In short, the Thames used to be London’s open sewer. It was no surprise that a cholera epidemic followed after people were drinking the infected water in copious amounts. Luckily now we have sewage sites but before it crosses your mind – no, the Thames water is still not safe to drink.

6. There is no other place in the world like London, fact. It’s a sizzling fusion of more cultures and ethnicities than you can imagine. Around 1/3 of Londoners are ethnic minorities, contributing to the multicultural vibes that cook and fuse into London’s food and street culture.

7. Due to the diverse mix in London, up to 300 different languages are spoken! That’s more languages than any other city in the world.

8. London Underground is the world’s oldest and opened in 1863, that’s over 150 years ago! So whilst other subway systems in New York and Japan seem a lot trendier and WiFi friendly, bear in mind that the one in London is an oldie.

9. London is incredibly rich and diverse in the museums it has to offer. It is home to over 200 museums and art galleries of which include a Sewing Machine, Crime and Cartoon Museum. Plus most of them are FREE!

10. It is the most popular tourist destination in the world. For those of you that have been to London I’m sure that comes as no surprise. For those yet to go, make sure you don’t miss out on this one of a kind exciting cultural concoction of a city!

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